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Jörg Fangmann, certified Engineer

Managing Director / Project engineer, electrical engineering

Management / head of electrical engineering and grid connection / head of occupational safety / interim management / medium voltage infrastructure / external senior authorized person (SAP)

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Stephan Stuby, certified Engineer

Managing Director / Project engineer, mechanical engineering

Management / head of mechanical substation components / interim management/ wind turbine mechanics / secondary substation systems

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Jörg Lehmann, certified Engineer

Project engineer, wind farm operation management

Head of wind farm operation management / SCADA / networks / data analysis / WEC electrical engineering (pitch- and yaw drives)

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Sven Albers

Project engineer quality management / quality assurance / rotor blades

Head of rotor blades and composite materials / quality / HSE / documentation

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Tanja Barkhoff, Business economist

Registered manager, Head of commercial department

Commercial management / controlling / processes

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Vanessa Rother, certified industrial engineer

Deputy head of commercial department

Commercial management / public relations / marketing

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