ISO 9001 certification is no guarantee for quality. It is just a tool that needs to be used in the right way in order to work properly.

Due to the many suppliers for across the world it is not easy to guarantee the quality standards for components of wind turbines or substations. In long delivery chains linguistical but also cultural misunderstandings can cause sufficient loss of information. Important interfaces and procedures no longer interlock seamlessly with one another.

Our efficient production supervision takes place in several steps, which are tightly interlocked with one another:

  • Verification of the documentation to the specification
  • Thorough examination of the procedures and interfaces
  • Continuous control from incoming goods till shipment
  • Creation of reports, risk disclosures and test protocols on a regular base
  • Identification and development of improvements potentials
  • Assurance of the permanent compliance with the inspection plans

By the expelled neutrality of the FAKON Wind experts over the products and manufacturers, we can support your staff on site with useful recommendations, which can lead to fulfilment of delivery deadlines and significant cost reduction in the manufacturing process.

FAKON Wind - for your wind success!